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Adding a generator to your home/business

We take all the guess work out of selecting the right backup power systems and requirements to suit your needs.  The following is a basic outline of what to expect when selecting/installing a generator for your home or business.

Step 1 – Choose a location

We will help you pick a location for your generator and recommend a unit capable of meeting your power requirements.

The installation area should be stable and in an area that will not flood.  There should be operable space around the generator for service/maintenance.

Step 2 – Permitting

Obtain the necessary permits for a standby generator required by your City/County, you will be notified of any additional costs to facilitate the installation as outlined by the City/County permit office.

Step 3 – Installation Date and Order Equipment

We will coordinate an installation date with you, review the necessary paperwork/contracts and order the equipment.  Partial deposit may be required.  Lead times may vary due to high demand.

Step 4 – Installation

Prepare site with concrete slab, install generator and secure to slab

Fuel line is connected

Transfer switch is installed, any changes to the existing power panel will be required to bring it up to current electrical code

Simulate power outage and ensure everything works as expected

Let’s talk about your needs!  Please use the contact form below and we will get right back to you